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We believe serious data and communication security should not be exclusive to a few superpowers. Nor should it be a black box.


Ensure the soverignty of nations with
unbreakable encryption free from
surveillance laws.

Foreign Affairs

Keep the State matter safe from opposite
interests even in hostile environments.


Protect classified information with fully
control over security.


Standard crypto expires

Top secret and secret information may be relevant for many decades. Most encryption algorithms fall within years.

Superpowers watch

USA, UK, Israel, China and many others have laws for either surveillance “provisions” or export control laws limiting strong encryption.


Most vendor require faith from customer, providing blackboxes or, at best, opaque state-grade solutions.

BruitBlanc Suite

provides secure and customizable solutions to protect Top Secret data and communication with end-to-end unbreakable OTP (One time pad) encryption.

High level maturity technology (maturity TRL9 equivalent ISO/FDIS 16290:2013) assures multi-layer security (inspired by NATO AEP-67), fully verifiable. Developed in Brazil, BruitBlanc is free from government’s interceptions laws.

What is OTP encryption

The One-Time Pad, or OTP is an encryption technique in which each byte of the plaintext data is combined with another byte from a truly random sequence (the OTP key stream) to produce the cipher text. To decipher the a message, the other part must have an exact copy of the one-time pad to reverse the process. As the name says, a one-time pad should be used only once and then destroyed. When applied correctly, the OTP provides a truly unbreakable cipher, backed by the Information Theory. Therefore, its use is highly recommended for military, diplomatic and intelligence agency communications.

Originally described in 1882 by the American banker Frank Miller, it was re-invented in 1917 by Gilbert Vernam and Joseph Mauborgne. It is named after the sheets of paper (pads) on which the key stream was usually printed. As the ultimate secure technique, OTP secures critical applications such as the so called “Red Phone” that links the White House to the Kremlin.


Unbreakable encryption will last until you decide. While other cryptos expires, BruitBlanc doesn’t.

Flexible and portable solutions with fully control over security.

Scalable, enabling top-tier security for every organization member, while keeping costs under control.

Low maintenance and TCO: can be integrated to any IT environment and used in addition to or replacement of legacy systems.


Portable Encryption

KeyGuardian is a hardware security device designed to protect communications, encrypt documents and safely store credentials on the go.

KeyGuardian contains a verifiable True Random Number Generator (TRNG) whose entropy source has quantum nature. It’s TRNG is used create the One-Time Pad (OTP) encryption keys that are impossible to break.

With a modern and compact design, KeyGuardian can be easily carried and used anywhere, offering the highest protection of OTP, customer specific algorithms, PQC or standard AES, RSA.

• Unbreakable OTP Encryption
• Multiple functions
• High Performance
• Easy-to-use

Protection anywhere

• Secure storage of critical files and information on missions and at remote locations
• Protection of confidential documents
• Top-secret messaging using OTP
• Sign and protect documents integrity on-the-go
• Secure access to Headquarter services including real-time communication


NETWORK Encryptor

CommGuard 3 is a layer 2, 3 and 4 network encryptor, designed to protect all X802.3 traffic operating in full duplex mode. CommGuard 3 is able to operate in heterogeneous networks and to route any IP–based protocol.

CommGuard 3 meets the strongest security requirements for serious communication between HQ, sites and remote operations. With a tamper-resistant hardware engine, CommGuard 3 supports standard algorithms such as AES-256 and SHA-512, customer proprietary algorithms and it is also ready for post quantum cryptography.

Deployment is simplified using the multiplatform control interface that integrates configuration and monitoring tools.

• Compatible to KeyGuardian for remote access to VPN.
• “Tamper-resistant” hardware module;

commguard 3 models

• Counter-SIGINT
• Military operations
• HQ and branches synchronization
• Foreign affairs integration
• High-performance VPN
• VPN key protection

BruitBlanc Suite for Secure Communication

In order to establish a Secure communication channel, in compliance with the criticality of the secret and top-secret information traffic, it is recommended to set up a topology with dedicated devices for encrypting the link that will form a VPN tunnel between points A and B.

Using KeyGuardian in the field or CommGuard on distributed sites, all information is encrypted before it travels over an insecure network and is deciphered by a CommGuard server when it reaches its destination. Even if the traffic is intercepted, the information will be protected.

A HSM equipment – Kryptus kNET – can be used to issue and distribute digital certificates for assets and cryptographic devices, working as an internal certification authority. The same equipment can also protect data at rest such as encrypting databases and virtual machines.

Here are 3 ways to establish secure communication with Kryptus devices:

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Here are 3 ways to establish secure
communication with Kryptus devices:

High-Performance VPN
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High-performance secure VPN is established between CommGuard devices. CommGuard client devices at different sites (A and B) are connected to the CommGuard server that remains at the organization headquarter (HQ) and concentrates all connection links. With high-performance devices dedicated to the encryption of network traffic, data transfer is protected without impacting the performance of users’ computers.

VPN for Remote Use
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• During diplomatic missions or military operations, communication between individuals in the field and Headquarter may involve sending documents and instructions with a high level of sensitivity: from classified to top-secret information.

• Using a KeyGuardian portable device, it is possible to establish a direct and secure connection to a CommGuard server, using military standard encryption, either with combined RSA and AES algorithms or proprietary customized algorithms.

Top-secret Communication
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• For communications with the highest criticality level in the field, it is recommended to use OTP – One Time Pad, the unbreakable encryption, applied by KeyGuardian devices, to encrypt and decrypt messages, documents and files among its users. After a message has been encrypted by a KeyGuardian, only another KeyGuardian will be able to decrypt it.

• The encrypted information can also be sent through a VPN channel established by KeyGuardian itself, ensuring an additional layer of security.

Unbreakable and personalized protection respecting sovereign needs

A Brazilian and Swiss company, KRYPTUS is compromised to deliver advanced technology to defend nations sovereignty as a neutral and trustworthy partner. In Brazil, we are proud to hold the status of “STRATEGIC DEFENSE COMPANY” given by the Ministry of Defense, based on continuous projects and technologies developments.






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