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With the new models of cryptographic hardware as a service from KRYPTUS, small and medium-sized companies gain the solid support they needed to grow safely.

Companies of different sectors and sizes seek in the digital transformation the lightness of their infrastructures and the viability of innovative businesses. The transition to hybrid cloud environments promises a dramatic reduction in asset and management costs, coupled with high availability and scalability. Digital service platforms, online commerce and instant payment methods open up new opportunities for established businesses and startups. These advantages promoted in each chapter of the digital transformation are followed by concerns and complexities around ensuring the protection of data, communication and transactions.

Growth in online transactions and purchases, adherence to remote work and the introduction of cloud applications have also spurred the rise in cyber attacks.

The leakage of customer information, a fraudulent transaction or the interruption of an operation, added to fines for non-compliance with regulations, such as, GDPR and HIPAA, can result in irreparable damage to the organization’s reputation and coffers. On the other hand, countermeasures to prevent these threats can jeopardize their competitiveness due to the allocation of costs in more robust security infrastructures, even leading to the premature death of promising businesses.

Hardware encryption raises the bar for security

Encryption is the foundation of data and transaction protection. Whether for secrecy or authenticity, encryption is as secure as the environment that protects related cryptographic keys.

Maintaining and using the key within a special physical element – hardware security module (HSM) – eliminates numerous risks and vulnerabilities and adds the traceability on actions and improper access which contributes to compliance audits.


The scalability of
cloud services with
on-premise security

Models of contracting HSM as a cloud service from KRYPTUS offer an ultra-secure infrastructure for the generation, storage and processing of cryptographic keys, with investments proportional to the size of the operation.


It is the version of HSM dedicated as a Service, whereby KRYPTUS kNET Network HSM devices hosted in Tier 4 datacenters are directly connected to the virtual network of a single client, which can take full advantage of the storage, performance and multi-environment resources -tenant, either for on-premises applications or for cloud applications.



In this model, a Virtual HSM is assigned to each customer from a shared KRYPTUS kNET Network HSM device, following all security procedures for the separation of keys, users and applications.





This version offers Cryptography as a Service (CaaS) through credentials (users or applications) per client for accessing cryptographic operations and keeping your keys on a KRYPTUS kNET Network HSM device.




cloud hsm


With its own highly specialized team, KRYPTUS offers services to create customized flows for cryptographic operations and to develop native applications, making your security infrastructure even more adherent to your business.

High performancetechnology
in cutting edge

KRYPTUS kNET Network HSM has FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certification and delivers one of the highest performance in the market:

• Advanced encryption: support for the latest market and proprietary algorithms
• High performance: up to 10,000 TPS
• High storage capacity: up to 2.5 million objects (keys and certificates)
• Multi-tenant: allows the secure partition of up to 50 Virtual HSM
• Secure code execution
• High availability performance hardware
• Ideal for applications: PKI, Payments, IoT, Cloud and Blockchain.
• SDK for market APIs: PKCS # 11, Windows CAPI / CSP, OpenSSL, Java JCA / JCE and KMIP.
• HSM software simulator for POC and Application Development.

Control in yoursecurity
hands and security
on us

Companies maintain full control over the creation, management and operation of their cryptographic keys, while our team of specialists performs 24/7 monitoring and complete management of their infrastructure in Datacenters Tier 3/4, located in Brazil and Switzerland.

Easy integration forintegration

KRYPTUS kNET Network HSM has KMIP protocol for easy integration with market APIs. In the same device it is possible to implement different applications, going beyond the digital signature of financial transactions, and performing applications of TLS (transport layer security), data encryption, PKI (public key infrastructure), DRM (digital rights management), Blockchain, IoT and document signing.





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