Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity Services offered in partnership with Kudelski Security


To improve it is necessary to measure.

Identify key gaps in terms of information security maturity, taking into account people, processes and technology.

To start an information security planning, it is ideal to start with a 360º evaluation that assesses your organization’s security posture, identifying key gaps in information security maturity, taking into account people, processes, and technology.

In addition to understanding the current state, our team can help you and your organization set security objectives and the practical step-by-step to achieve them.


Simulate to fix.

Intrusion tests are important tools in the process of improving the security of components, systems, and platforms.

Through this test, we identified all the vulnerabilities found on a network and even how much damage an attack would inflict on computers and the network.

In addition, intrusion tests are important educational tools while fully demonstrating to the team and management the actual quality of the targets studied.

KRYPTUS is the only company in the country to offer intrusion tests that include, in addition to traditional web and network applications, hardware and even microchips.

Cybersecurity Services


Be one step ahead.

Process for identifying known vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities present in the environment and how they expose themselves to threats, mapping programs and services that may contain failures and vulnerabilities, reporting those results through a report.

Vulnerability analysis is a key tool in the integrated information security management process. With it, important KPIs are generated, enabling the treatment of existing threats with appropriate repairs, correcting them or with proactive measures.
Vulnerability sources can be in various environments, such as Web Applications, Networks and Assets, WIFI, Social Engineering, Firmware, Hardware and Microchips.

KRYPTUS is the only company in the country to offer vulnerability analysis that includes, in addition to traditional web and network applications, hardware and even microchips.


Soundbyte: A second look necessary.

Code security review is an essential practice in the secure software development cycle. It should be practiced on a regular basis with the aim of reducing defects, preferably before they reach production environments.

That is, the code review is not only to improve the quality of the code, but also to disseminate knowledge among team members, and help find bugs that the first developer has missed.

We offer code review services for any languages and platforms using the best tools and techniques available.



KRYPTUS can help your organization at every step of the establishment and a complete information security program, either for global deployment or for specific project scope.


For organizations that do not have an internal CISO, or that require some specific competence, we offer the CISO service on demand. With this service you can count on one of our professionals with management experience and “hand-in-the-dough” profile to help your organization.


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