Kryptus: ETSI member

In September 2020 Kryptus has been accepted as a full member of ETSI ( This allows us to take further our role of collaboration in the ICP standardization. We look forward to participating in this thriving community and make our mark.

About ETSI

ETSI is an organization dedicated to the definition of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) standards, meeting the needs of the European and global market.
ETSI has more than 900 member associations worldwide, from 65 countries and five continents.


Kryptus is a Brazilian multinational. Headquartered in Brazil and branch in Switzerland, we have grown consistently for more than a decade, serving customers in the public and private sectors in Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Since 2003 we have been delivering highly customizable, classified and secure encryption and cyber security solutions for critical applications, with the best level of service for the mission of our partners.

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Our team is made up of the best professionals in the market: those who stand out for their expertise, agility, innovative thinking and technical capacity, valuing challenges and believing that it is possible to transform the world into a better place. If you fit this profile, please submit your resume or portfolio in the form below.