Kryptus is chosen by the Brazilian Federal Government to supply new timestamp system

Leading company in cryptographic solutions for PKI in Brazil already supplies similar solutions to other countries 

Kryptus, a Brazilian-Swiss company that develops solutions in cryptography and cybersecurity, won the bid held by the Information Technology National Institute (ITI) to supply the system that will house the new timestamp protocol, a technology that once applied to a document, certifies its existence at a certain date and time, providing it with legal validation. 

The company will also be in charge of supplying the “Time Stamp System (TSS)” and the “Audit Trail System (ATS)” equipment, homologated according to the standards of the ICP-Brasil, the body that enables issuing digital certificates to virtually identify natural and legal persons. The provided deadline to conclude the Project is six months.  

According to the ITI, the new digital timestamp protocol will bring a series of innovations to the current system. Besides incorporating the blockchain technology, which will register all synchronism data and the registry of the timestamp signatures, the interoperable system will be based on open standards, thus eliminating the existing vertical technical dependency within the ICP-Brasil

Kryptus, who today leads the market of customizable solutions in cryptography and cybersecurity in the digital certification segment in Brazil already supplies many of its solutions to other countries. “Kryptus is expanding. We set up a branch in Switzerland and intensified our digital presence to contribute to the recognition of our brand”, highlights Roberto Gallo, Kryptus CEO.

In addition to that, the company has two advantages: neutral position, since Brazil and Switzerland – countries where the company is established – do not adopt surveillance practices or restriction policies to exporting strategic equipment, and the offer of strong technology, with unbreakable cryptography (OTP-One Time Pad), adaptable to different scenarios of Defense and State Security. 

Gallo observes that the new digital timestamp of Brazil will contribute to an increase in Time Stamping Certifying Authorities (TSCAs) – entities in charge of issuing time stamps – accredited by ICP-Brasil. “There is no doubt that this new architecture of the system will democratize and help accelerate the adoption of technologies related to digital certificates in Brazil, facilitating tracing and data security”.

He also adds that the new timestamp will also facilitate the operations, since there will be a separation between synchronism and time audit, independent from the auditing process, with open standard use.


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