Kryptus participates in IDEX, in Abu Dhabi

The company is one of the highlights in the Brazilian pavilion led by ABIMDE, where it presents solutions for Defense and counterintelligence. 

Being present at the big international Defense events is part of the global expansion strategy of Kryptus, Brazilian multinational specialized in cryptography and cybersecurity. With the participation at the International Defense Exhibition And Conference (IDEX), which takes place in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), Kryptus plans to develop new markets in the EMEA region, which includes Europe, Middle East, Africa, as well as Eurasia.

According to Thierry Martin, Kryptus director at EMEA, the main goal of the company at the event is to set partnerships with new channels to expand their presence at the area. For that, Kryptus has two advantages: neutral position, since Brazil and Switzerland, where the company is based, do not adopt surveillance practices or restrictions policies to the exportation of strategic equipment, and the offer of top technologies, with unbreakable cryptography (OTP-One Time Pad), adaptable to different scenarios in Defense and State Security.

Among its most recent innovations, Kryptus highlights Bruit Blanc Secure Communication suite, which protects the traffic of secret and top-secret information between Headquarter, different basis and field agents, “Kryptus assumes that the security of critical information should not be exclusive to few superpowers. And it also shouldn’t be a black box”, explains Martin. “With Bruit Blanc, we allow maximum security to ensure each nation’s sovereignty”, he adds.

At the event, the company also presents their solutions for Counterintelligence and Cyber-Defense, which supplies many services to protect, monitor, analyze and answer to cyber threats, interruptions, unauthorized activities, cyberattacks and service degradation.


IDEX, which takes place at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center (ADNEC) until this Thursday (25), is the first large Defense event in person since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. “To participate in IDEX is an excellent opportunity to meet and discuss with the greatest actors in the defense industry in the Emirates and region”, states Martin.

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