Kryptus will participate in the project of Brazil’s new Defense Operational Network

The company won the first bidding process of acquisition of the Ministry of Defense to use the Brazilian Special Bidding Term; the new network will provide voice services and data to support de decision of the Military Structure of Defense 

São Paulo, March 18th, 2021 – Kryptus, a Brazilian company specialized in cryptography and cybersecurity won the bidding process for the project of Brazil’s new DON, the new Defense Operational Network. The new DON is a restructuring and modernization of the current infrastructure, kept under the Head of the Joint Operations of the Joint Armed Forces. 

In addition to supplying the technologies of cryptographic security, the company, which has recently obtained a renewal of the Defense Strategic Company (EED) certification – granted by the Ministry of Defense (MD) – will also be in charge of readjusting the TIC assets and DON’s physical and logical expansion, as well as the monitoring and the network’s technical operational support.  

Backbone of the Military System of Command and Control (SISMC2), DON’s purpose is to provide voice, data and support services to the decision in an integrated, timely, simple, secure, flexible, reliable and continuous manner to the many decision makers levels of the Military Structure of Defense.   

“With the change in paradigms of mobilization and combat for the “Network-Centric Warfare”¹ and in the midterm for the “Mosaic Warfare”² it is important that the elements of Command and Control are ever more sovereign and interoperable”, says Roberto Gallo, founder and general manager of Kryptus. “We are really honored with the project”, he concludes.

The acquisition process was first realized by the Ministry of Defense utilizing the SBT – Special Bidding Term – contemplated by the 12.598/2012 law.  Supported by the decision of the National Defense Council, the SBT determines that the provision of solutions for the protection of classified information to any secrecy degree must be made exclusively by Strategic Defense Companies (EED) that are developing within the country. Foreign Technologies are not allowed to participate in the process. Most of the supply will be accomplished in 2021 still. 


¹The NCW, or Network-Centric Warfare is a doctrine of structuring of Command and Control that foresees ensuring superiority within the information field, in order to improve fighting power in a timely manner and increase Command speed, by reducing the delay in traffic of information and orders. 

² Mosaic Warfare: a combat strategy based on integrating countless smaller technology systems that fit together (like Lego bricks), forming a structure that is able to reach the opponent’s system and have a successful attack.


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