Kryptus will provide Brazilian Navy with cryptographic tokens solution

Signed by CASNAV, agreement follows Brazilian law, which determines the use of national cryptographic technology in order to protect confidential State information 

São Paulo, March 22nd, 2021 – The Center of Analysis of Naval Systems (CASNAV), a Science, Technology and Innovation Institution, subordinate to the Navy Technology Center of Rio de Janeiro (CTMRJ), has just signed an agreement contemplating hardware solution services between the Science, Technology and Innovation Institution (ICT) and the Strategic Defense Company (EED) Kryptus.

The agreement was signed during a function presided by the Director of the Navy Technology Center of Rio de Janeiro (CTMRJ), Rear Admiral  Marcelo Gurgel de Souza, with the presence of CASNAV Director, Captain of Sea and War Carlos Rodrigo Cerveira and the CEO of the contracted EED, Roberto Gallo. 

The execution of the agreement will provide the Navy with the operation of cryptographic resources with State algorithms developed by CASNAV, to be employed in tasks or missions that require cryptographic protection of data or confidential information. In addition to that, another advantage in using KeyGuardian cryptographic tokens – a solution employed by Kryptus in the project – is its mobility. 

By determination of the National Defense Council, the encryption of classified information to any secrecy degree needs to use national technology, provided by a Strategic Defense Company or by the State itself. 

Developed throughout the past 15 years by Kryptus, the KeyGuardian is the only solution in the country that is capable of protecting data and IP communications to all degrees of secrecy stipulated by the law, up to the Ultra-secret level.  

“KeyGuardian is much more than a token. It is a multi-mission cryptographic platform that, coupled with the other elements of the ‘BruitBlanc’ suite, is capable of delivering secure data and communications in multiple scenarios”, says Gallo.  

In Brazil, Kryptus is the supplier of cryptographic solutions to all three Forces and the Ministry of Defense, besides other critical agencies such as Abin, MRE, ITI and TSE. Other than that, they work in many strategic programs, such as SISFRON, AC-Defesa, LinkBR2, RDS-Defesa, Rondon, IFF Nacional and Nova ROD. The company is also in charge of government level solutions for the Peruvian Navy, and the Colombian Army, among others.

KeyGuardian cryptographic tokens
CASNAV Director and Kryptus Segurança da Informação S.A. CEO


KeyGuardian cryptographic tokens
KeyGuardian, solution by Kryptus used to protect data and IP communications to every secrecy degree estipulated by law.


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