Totaldocs’ digital certification is one of the most secure in the World

By investing in security as a  digital certification offer differential, Sirius, specialized in  personalized documents composition and production management solutions, has integrated to Totaldocs the cloud HSM from Kryptus, a Brazilian multinational company that provides cryptography and cybersecurity solutions. With the HSM as a service, Totaldocs generates qualified electronic signatures within the ICP-Brazil standard.

Totaldocs portal collects electronic signatures, execute digital acceptance, and delivers them certified with timestamps. Besides, it unifies the customer service channels and maps the paths taken by the user by receiving, recording, and documenting all interactions. The HSM is required to sign the cryptographic summary of the document with a respective A3 certificate private key inside the device’s secure environment, thus returning the signature to the application. Documents issued by Totaldocs are Long Term Validation (LTV) and cannot be altered or edited once certified and converted into PDF. Within Kryptus’ cloud solution, the signature platform is one of the most secure in the world. “Previously we had a partnership with a foreign company that helped us with LTV certification. When the document is not LTV, Adobe needs to go to the origin of the certificate to ascertain if it is still valid,” explains Davis Feler, CEO of Sirius. “When we approached Kryptus,” he continues, “we were looking for a solution that was compatible with the Adobe standard.  Now, with our term, there is no need for Adobe to do any checks since we have already certified the document and it can no longer be edited, as it is already closed in PDF and its validity does not expire.”

In the market for three decades, Sirius produces more than 2 billion documents per year and provides solutions to the public and private sectors, inside and outside of Brazil. Besides the integration with Adobe and being able to offer a more competitive price than the old supplier, another company needs meeting by Kryptus was to adapt Totaldocs digital certificates to ICP-Brazil standards and offer the A3 certificate, issued directly in the HSM by CertiSign, which facilitated client’s adhesion of the financial and government sector. “The commercial flexibility offered by Kryptus to provide service in the cloud with A3 certificate is something we were searching for for some time,” says Feler. The executive also highlights Kryptus’ option to make available the hardware inside companies that hire Totaldocs solution: “Offering on-premise together with the software gives clients the possibility of using their electronic signature when certifying, all within an encrypted environment compatible with Adobe, which internationally recognizes all ICP-Brazil keys”.

Digital Acceptance is another Totaldocs differential, which works as a formalized at the moment the user accepts the terms and conditions of an electronic document, with the IP evidences, geolocation, and token. After being converted into PDF, the document can be consulted at any time. “The solution is highly demanded by government companies of financial operations and also by municipalities. In the private sphere, it is offered to insurers, banks, and other clients in the financial segment. It is ideal for open banking, fintech, and open insurance, which need fast delivery to the client, in addition to being able to be used as API, integrated into the company’s system,” clarifies the CEO of Sirius.

The HSM as a service model is aligned with Totaldocs’ licensing model platform, which grows according to each client’s needs. “This alignment has allowed scalability and greater flexibility to meet opportunities, in addition to cost reduction, since there is no need to hire for each new operation, which previously prevented us from entering biddings,” says Feler. “With this, now we can also offer our solutions as a commodity, in large volume, with the advantage of security in an encrypted environment,” he adds.

From this partnership with Kryptus, Sirius projects ambitious goals to expand its operation. “In Brazil, we want to boost our offer and double our clients within the year, besides expanding our operation to international markets, such as Spain, Argentina, and United States, country where we already operate. We hope to export around 20%”, concludes Feler.


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