In the week of April 26 to 30, 2021, the Brazilian Aeronautics and Space Institute (IAE) team responsible for the IFFM4BR Project, carried out mechanical and electronic integration tests of the current CM4-B cryptocomputer models with members of the company Kryptus SA in GDDN (Gripen Design and Development Network) in Gavião Peixoto-SP, as part of the integration activities of the CM4-B national Cryptocomputer in the brand new SAAB Gripen E/F fighter.

“It was amazing to see the Gripen avionics and S-RIG flight simulator ready and extremely capable of providing the necessary integration tests with the Functional Cryptoemulator and Mechanical Cryptocomputer Mock-up. It is of great value to have been able to acquire the first results of the functional tests in the first hour after arriving at GDDN, which shows its excellent preparation and working environment. Brazilians from Embraer, Atech and the Saab team operated the Gripen emulation devices and simulation tools with great knowledge and skill, showing a real experience of Technology Transfer”, said Captain Engineer Jozias Del Rios Vieira Granado Santos, Technical Coordinator of the IFFM4BR project at IAE.

em4 b cryptoemulator
EM4-B cryptoemulator inserted in M428 Transponder in Laboratory environment (S-RIG)

The Project Manager at Kryptus SA, Thais Ribeiro, highlighted that this is a strategic project for the company, in partnership with the IAE, considering its application in national security.

IFFM4BR Project and Kryptus S.A.Team

According to Vinícius Barros, systems engineer at Embraer, responsible for implementing the IFF work package at GDDN, “The level of system integration tests carried out this week was very significant, which proves GDDN’s ability to conceive, develop , validate and verify Gripen’s highly complex systems, with regard to people, infrastructure and technology.”

em4 b cryptoemulator1
EM4-B Cryptoemulator Test Setup Planning

Saab representative at GDDN for Tactical Systems, Per Tibell, highlights: “For the first time at GDDN, we were able to test the complete IFF Mode 4 NSM functional chain from the pilot Human-Machine Interface (HMI) to the Crypto computer through the Transponder. The technical issues were resolved thanks to close cooperation between Saab’s Avionics and Platform Development teams, the Embraer software team, as well as IAE and Kryptus. We know that not everything will work perfectly in the first attempt, but it is very important to find faults and problems as early as possible during the development phase. For that reason, this week was a success from my point of view”.

em4 b cryptoemulator2
EM4-B Cryptoemulator Test Setup

According to 1st Lieutenant Engineer Vinícius (IAE), Coordinator of Systems Engineering and Project Risk Manager, “The test carried out this week was essential to present the potential operation on real platforms and mitigate technological risks. The success achieved indicates that the Project is on the right path and that the cryptocomputer will be able to be used in the various platforms of the Brazilian Armed Forces in the future”.

cm4 b mock up
CM4-B mock-up, manufactured by the company Kryptus, inserted in the Interrogator installed on the Gripen 4100, the first of the FAB.

The GDDN team provided all the necessary support during the tests. All sanitary protocols due to the COVID-19 pandemic were strictly followed. The team was divided into different rooms in order to limit a maximum number of people in different rooms and environments, ensuring everyone’s safety.

Team involved in the development of the National IFF

The Deputy Manager of the IFFM4BR Project, Captain Aviator Daniel Rondon Pleffken, highlighted the importance of the event and the high motivation of those involved: “This week we took a very important step towards the success of the project. We felt deeply staisfied and proud to see the teams exceeding expectations” – and concluded – “Our goal is to consolidate interoperability between the National Armed Forces and we will not rest until we see our technology flying in the F-39 Gripen”.

test setup
Test Setup

SOURCE: Brazilian Institute of Aeronautics and Space


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